Bilingualism is a cornerstone of our community and Show and Tell day is the opportunity to display the important role English has in our daily actions and plans. After a couple of years where we were not able to perform our usage of the language, on May 3rd we had the chance to make our school mates participants of our talents, hard-work and proficiency.

For example, retoños made the cutest riddles and songs for everyone to fall in love with them; our friends of pre-school picked sea animals and told us about their environments and demeanors. Elementary was up for the challenge as well. First graders were so happy and expressed it in a song; second grade had a healthy and tasty lunch for everyone to fancy that exquisite food and admire their amazing outfits. Beautiful songs and dances took place with 3rd and 4th, it was great to see an interpretation of Encanto and a small sample of our cultural and racial traits. Fifth and seventh betted for movies that have far more room to improve in following Show and Tell days.

High School was up to the task too. We had a plethora of activities: dances, songs, theater plays, cook contests, musical performances, they even joined with our beloved teachers Paula and Loreth to show their talent as rock and roll dancers.

And last but not least, our dear Eleventh graders made us have a great time with their activities and commitment. Some of us got totally soaked in their super fun slide, some others ran while playing "Strike out" or got wet with water balloons. We all had the best time and practiced our English 

somehow, some a lot, some not that much, but we were able to live a day where English was a constant stimulus.

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